One is Enough

1 in 4 heart attack and stroke survivors has another. Managing diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, making healthy lifestyle choices and taking medications like aspirin as recommended by your doctor, may help lower your risk of a second event.

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Recovery and Risk Reduction to Prevent a Second Stroke

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The steps you take after your stroke are important to you achieving the best possible recovery and independence.

Treatment to Maximize Recovery

Several types of therapy may help you recover from your stroke. And some of the effects of stroke may be treatable during your recovery. Visit Life After Stroke to learn more.

Reducing Risk of Another Stroke

After having a stroke, your risks are much higher for having another one. But you can lower your chance when you:

Blood Pressure Monitor

High Blood Pressure is the No. 1 Controllable Risk Factor for Stroke

Nearly half of American adults have high blood pressure, or hypertension. Work with your doctor to keep your blood pressure in a healthy range (under 120/80).

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