Treatment Options for Heart Failure

What can you do about heart failure?

Heart failure caused by damage to the heart that has developed over time can’t be cured. But it can be treated, quite often with strategies to improve symptoms.

Successful treatment depends on your willingness to get involved in managing the condition. You, your loved ones and your caregivers all play an active role as part of the healthcare team.

heart failure

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Your treatment plan may include:

Regardless of your treatment approach, you should follow all of your doctor’s recommendations and make the necessary changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle to give you the highest possible quality of life.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are scientific studies that determine if a possible new medical advance can help people and whether it has harmful side effects.

Find answers to common questions about clinical trials in our Guide to Understanding Clinical Trials.

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A self management tool that empowers heart failure patients to better manage and live with their condition.

Heart Failure Tools and Resources

A wealth of information to help you successfully manage heart failure.