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Foodscape Innovation Awards

2020 Submission deadline extended to Aug. 17th, 2020

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Recognizing and Rewarding Innovation

The American Heart Association is committed to helping people live longer, healthier lives. The AHA believes that everyone deserves access to affordable, nutritious foods as well as resources to make healthier choices. We want to increase consumer demand for healthier foods and beverages and strengthen the food system by improving nutritional quality, availability, affordability and sustainability.

We know we can’t do it alone. That’s why our Foodscape Innovation™ Awards honor and promote healthy innovations in the foodscape. We want to inspire leaders in every area of the food industry — from pre-production to consumption — to challenge the status quo and discover new ways to improve our nation’s health.

Are you an innovator taking bold steps to build a better foodscape?

The second annual Foodscape Innovation Awards supports leading-edge innovations. We want to publicly recognize the impact you’re making and acknowledge your efforts to break down barriers to healthy eating.

What is the Foodscape?

Foodscape is our name for the food ecosystem — all the places and spaces where food is grown, manufactured, marketed, acquired, prepared, consumed, talked about or given meaning.

No idea is too far outside the box.

To Enter:

Everyone deserves the chance for a longer, healthier life.

The American Heart Association is working to create a world of longer, healthier lives through better nutrition for all. We’re encouraging innovative leaders across the foodscape to build a food system that significantly improves health while also addressing issues of sustainability — the system’s impact on people and planet. We believe not only food security but nutrition security is a human right. All people deserve access to affordable and nutritious foods and help making healthier choices.

Foodscape is our name for the food ecosystem — all the places and spaces where food is grown, manufactured, marketed, acquired, prepared, consumed, talked about or given meaning.

Who is eligible?

The awards are open to companies/organizations operating in the U.S. from all sectors of the food and beverage industry who are working to increase health and equity in the food system, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies
  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Packaging companies
  • Processors
  • Restaurants and foodservice
  • Retailers
  • Technology providers
  • Trade/commodity groups
  • Vending companies

Tobacco companies or their corporate subsidiaries, parent companies or foundations are not eligible.

Innovations must be original and must have been introduced into the marketplace on or after May 1, 2017.

To Enter:

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All entries must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on August 17, 2020.

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What innovations will be recognized?

Changing lives for the better can take many forms. Examples may include innovations that result in:

  • A shift in nutrition quality that increases positive foods or ingredients (such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains) and/or decreases negative nutrients or ingredients (such as sodium, added sugars and saturated fat).
  • Improved availability, accessibility and/or affordability of healthier products.
  • Increased demand and/or desirability of healthier products.
  • Promotion of healthy eating practices.

No idea is too far outside the box.


We look forward to hearing how you’re making a difference for the health of people and their communities.

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